At the end of each semester, I ask the students what they would tell next semester’s students on the first day of class. Here are their responses.



Print those lecture outlines. Lectures and notes revolve around them.

Come to class. Like actually come, with the outlines ready. Also listen to the podcasts, they actually help.

Do review questions and watch youtube lectures

Study after lectures & flashcards Help memorize terms

Lectures are long and heavy but trust me he will makes jokes here and there to make things stick over all a good class

Stuuuuuuuudddddyyy a lot for the final, the review questions really help you out. He's also a pretty nice teacher ☺

Prof. Edens makes lectures very in depth, but a lot of fun and lightheartedness goes into making the lectures worth attending. Take your lecture outlines, take massive notes on them anyways. Then for review go over everything, and "filter" out what you need to brush up on with a separate sheet of paper and use that as a guide. Rewrite things over and over when it comes to the skeletal and muscle parts of the class and anything else needed. After lectures review at least 1-2 hours of the material. There will be a lot of times where Prof. Edens goes back in the lecture to make sure you're paying attention. Memorization is key for this class.

Study a lot and do the review worksheets that he puts online. THEY REALLY HELP!

Study everyday and try to familiarize yourself with this material. I recommend rewriting the lecture outlines, making flash cards, and quizzing yourself with the review questions. On days you miss class, watch his podcasts! Dr. Edens provides a lot for his students, so use what he gives you to pass the class! Try to never miss a lab. And if you have a question, ask Dr. Edens, he's very nice!

*Always review lecture videos at home and take really good notes while watching them!!* ALWAYS make time to study for this class, study in advance*

Study 1 section chapter per week keep up that flow and your tests will be easy, also always refer to your lecture notes when in doubt edens is a great teacher ! - RS

Make sure to go over the online lab and chapter lectures if you miss class, because if you miss class often you will get left behind quite easily!

Study all the lecture notes, do the review questions, do take the note in the lecture and in the labs, and also do watch the lectures PODS .Ask question if you don't understand. MR.Eden is very helpful and nice.

Write notes he gives in class. Do the review questions before each exam. Use his SI leader if he has one. Ask questions if you don't understand. He is very helpful and nice.