Biology 11

Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology

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This page contains the review questions for all topics of the course. To obtain the review questions for a topic, click on the topic. Each set of review questions is a Microsoft Word document.

These review questions will not be collected and there are no points awarded for answering them. Answering them, however, will let you know how well you understand the material and help you prepare for the exams and quizzes. Furthermore, a portion of the final exam will be review questions selected from this collection.

Lecture topics:

Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology

Basic Chemistry (chapter 2)

Water (chapter 2)  

Organic Chemistry and Biological Molecules (chapter 2)

Cells (chapters 3 and 4)

Tissues (chapter 5)         

Anatomy terminology (chapter 1)

Membranes and Integumentary system (chapter 5 (section 5.4) and chapter 6)

The skeletal system (chapter 7) 

The muscular system (chapter 8)                          

The nervous system (chapter 9)         

 Special senses (chapter 10)      

The endocrine system (chapter 11)              

 Blood (chapter 12)                                   

The cardiovascular system (chapter 13)                  

The respiratory system (chapter 16)                                       

Digestion and metabolism (chapter 15)

Immune system (chapter 14)      

The urinary system (chapters 17 and 18)                        

The reproductive system (chapters 19 and 20)